Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veterans Cross race report

Sunday the legs were tired. This being the first double race weekend for me. I had limited expectations. I got to the venue @ St. Mary's early enough to catch a few pre-ride laps. I managed to go through 3 sets of wheel/tubie combos before settling on the Grifo's @ 23 psi(god I love low psi).

Since this is a Destad race I got my #2 call up for winning the Master's series last year. I figured I'd put this too use with the start being uphill on the cobbles. A good start I got. Actually brake checked to not hit the grass in first. No need for the hole shot for me. I guess there was a crash or mishap & it showed since Shadd kept the tempo in check & kept looking back. I couldn't care since I knew I was going to drift backwards.Proof I was sitting in 2nd. FYI I have a taste for the front again & I'm thinking it would be nice to spend more than two laps up there...just sayin. Probably not going to happen in this season of transition.

Anyway I faded. Did a gut check & went into tt mode. Got caught by Cameron riding a fixie mtb. That hurt the old pride a little, but hes a former MTB national champ so not too bad. Stayed on lead lap to get another freaking 12th. That's about all I have to say about that.

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  1. I've found that getting too-good of a start is just one more nail in the coffin. You end up trying to stay up there as long as possible before the enevitable slide back. By the time you slide back to where you should have been, the guys you are now with, that took an easier start, are now fresher and moving up.