Sunday, November 15, 2009

KS State CX, DeStad series finals

This is just a quick brain dump before passing out. I'll steal some pics & edit it later when I steal me some intraweb.

As most of my 6 readers know I've been stuck in a rut this cx season constanly(or the glass half full version consistently) in 12th place. It was starting to be a broken record. Frankly it was troubling me & was worrying I might be the first racer ever to get fired from a club team. Luckily JB is patient with his riders.

Anyway the weather was cold & crappy with more crappiness falling from the sky. That usually means mud. I don't claim to be a mudder by any stretch of the imagination. I do have some pretty good results in the mud though.

Good start. Jammed up by a wreck. Chased. Duked it out with a few single speeders. Got in a rythem riding safely. Worked my way into 3rd for several laps. Got caught by former road pro. I crashed taking former pro with me. Exchange words with former road pro. He gaps me after seeing the wisdom of my words. I chase him. Catch him. He gaps me. I chase fruitlessly. Hit the bell lap. SKC teammate is closing hard. Ride smart last lap. Punch it to the finish. 4th place. The curse is broke. Start shivering uncontrollably. Get warm. Ran about 23-25 psi in the Challenge Grifo 32's.

Now I need sleep. More later.
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