Sunday, November 22, 2009

3am musings

Its my Friday & I'm seating at lunch wondering about my 4 off(sun-wed this time). What to do? What to do? I'm sure Amber will have a few honey do's. I think I'm going to do some much needed bike maintenance. Perhaps get all my steads rideable. Not happened in a long time. I need to hurry up because its almost ss time. That time of the year when I break out my ss bikes & spin around at low speeds. Last years ss excursions numbered 1. Chain kept coming off. I got pissed & went back to gears. This year I'm hoping to put more effort into it. Not enough effort to want to race ss. That experiment was a failure for sure. Though several years ago I came close to winning a cat 3 race on my sscx. Probably would have got the W if I could have kept my chain on. That leads me into one of my winter projects. To convert my sscx into belt drive. Not any buy it off the shelf belt drive either. One that I fab up. I haven't worked out all the machining details yet but plans are being formed. Ill post my results once done. Well that's enough rambling. I've literally just blackberried this post in.
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