Friday, October 30, 2009

Windtrainer inspiration

Getting on the windtrainer while watching Arkayakansas for some afternoon boating inspiration

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crusty Get is

When Crusty gets his big boy points I bet he upgrades as soon as he crosses the line of his last cat 3 race.

Crusty gets it!

GVATrofee Koppenberg

Live Coverage on Now!

Cyclingfans Site for more live links

Friday, October 23, 2009

Results Boy talks Upgrading

ResultsBoy talks Upgrading:

Read the link. Very appropriate for whats happening in the Midwest right now. There at least 5 guys in Cat 3's right now in the Destad series that should cat up & race with the rest of us pack fodder in the open race. It just makes for better racing. Who cares if you cat up & are struggling for a top 20. The more people in the race the faster you get & the better the racing action is. No Open race time trial death march waiting to get lapped. Full blown racing for 20th.

Granted you get a pretty big prize for winning the overall in Cat 3's(free entry into all the races the following season) but take my example & move up. I was probably one race away from clinching the overall cat 3 series win two years ago. Guess what I did? I didn't poach me another cat 3 win. I moved up & started taking my lumps. Trust me I've taken a lot of them. I'm happy now to stay on the lead lap. Now I'm working on getting me a top 10(baby steps). I know the likes of Shad, Winkler, Tilford, & even Butthead are going to throttle me but I still toe the line because I love racing CX. I really love going fast in a CX race. Even though I'm mid pack we're still going pretty damn fast. And when you get down to brass tacks that's what its all about having fun. Because CX freaking rocks!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Does everyone in Oregon race CX?

Watch some of the videos in this link. These are A races in the Cross Crusade series. Entire entry for all classes 1300+!! Crits in Missouri don't have that many entries.

DeStad Series Points

Through the first two rounds

I Might be able to pick up some big points this weekend.

John Jones is on it

He sent me this video. Both are from Chris Cross

Holy Crap

Got this link from Twitter. This dude has skills!

Moto Pacing

That's me sneaking in behind Marco Pinotti & George Hincapie @ the 2008 ToM TT. Little warm up session. Pic From CutGrass Farms. Instead of Kayak lessons I think Hogan needs a CX Bike. Get on one & I might be talked into saving you from drowning on the river.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What can I say I like Adam Myerson

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

Check out the kick ass hat. Listen closely becomes there is some really good training advice hidden in this interview. Follow Adam on Twitter as well.

As to not hijack Winklers Blog

His comments are here:

Below is my reply.

Do you know how Points are effected by doubling up? Or even if a Masters races only Masters then jumps in an open race @ the end of the year? I was thinking about htis last night.

The simplest method seems to be like VERGE points(Though I really like The first race is by registration or last years overall. 2nd race on by points total. Give everyone who finishes in the top 20 points. That's your call up. To me the simpler it is the more likely the promoter is going to do it.

The caveat to this would be the multiple series' in KC. Thus back to cross Then mid season upgrades as well. This seems like a topic for post race beers. TO be hashed out in a round table/cage match free for all. But I'm glad someone is addressing the issuing since as the fields grow some means of orderly call ups will have to be implemented.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Call Up Procedure Proposal

Click on the link to comment. From Jeff Winklers Blog.

I think this is a great idea. That said most people will probably disagree just since I support it. But still its a great idea.

Call Up Procedure Proposal

Friday, October 16, 2009

I have a proposal for how we do Call Ups for all local races. Comments are welcome.

Here it is:

Step 1: Maintain a list of all racers who have ridden in local races during the current season. This would need to be done for every category that has more than 8 riders on a regular basis. This is simple enough, just maintain a spreadsheet for each category and make sure it is updated weekly.

Step 2: Run the category lists through the Seed Racers function at

Step 3: Post the "Call Up List" for each category. Riders and officials use this list to call up the first one or two rows.

There is no reason why this couldn't be done and could probably be largely automated. I volunteer to help get this done if the promoters & officials sign on.

The obvious issue is that not all riders on the list will show up to a particular race. However, this can either be ignored---names are called until the first two rows are full, or the officials can cross names off the Call Up List during registration/roll call. This might add a few minutes to the start procedure, but it doesn't seem like it would be too much.

I also propose that we do some test runs on a limited basis.

Here's the "Call Up List" for the Open (P/1/2/3/4) field as of October 11:

1 Steve Tilford
2 Brian Jensen
3 Nathan Rice
4 Joseph Schmalz
5 Jonathan Schottler
6 Shadd Smith
7 William Stolte
8 Jeff Winkler
9 Cameron Chambers
10 Joshua Johnson
11 Chris Wallace
12 Shad Schreiner
13 Troy Krause
14 Nate Woodman
15 Andrew Coe
16 Thomas Price
17 Adam Mills
18 Jay Strothman
19 Mark Studnicki
20 Mark Nagy
21 Scott Dunsmuir
22 William Gault
23 Tim Kakouris
24 Tige Lamb
25 Devin Clark
26 Kevin Wilkins
27 Nicholas Coil
28 Bill Marshall
29 Aaron Elwell
30 Scott Ogilvie
31 Douglas Plumer
32 Alex Grman
33 Ethan Froese
34 Alex Edwards
35 Joseph Fox
36 Jeff Yielding
37 Casey Saunders
38 Michael Gaherty
39 Shea Bergman
40 John Giles
41 Britton Kusiak
42 Randall Crist
43 Benn Stover
44 Mark Smelser
45 Matt Gilhousen
46 Austin Elser
47 Luke Lininger
48 Mark Cole
49 Eric Struckhoff
50 Robert Cummings
51 Elliot Usher
52 Kenneth Harkin
53 Jason Ozenburger
54 Matt Bougher
55 Theodore Fleming


Live UCI @ coverage of Granouge on NOW

Finally I have me some victims!

I still Suck though.

Pop over to Mr. Winkler, Esquire to post your thoughts on using for ca
ll ups @ local midwestern cx races.

CX Warm up Muzac?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 2 of UCI3

Podium Insight Vids are good!

How to work the Pit in CX

I hate that this vidyah is about Feldman but a really good how to for your pit crew:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Damn You Bill Marshall!

You are now my nemeses. WTH? I have no victims? I suck hard. I have a new goal, beat Marshall & get me a victim. Any takers on being my victim? Yielding?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gluing Tubular Tires

The best How To Article I have seen on the art/science of gluing tubulars. Read closely there will be a quiz.

The actual Chris Cross Report

Thanks to the power of the intraweb(maybe) I got a front roll call up (sometimes you should be careful what you wish for I guess)which helped with my one & only race goal; Get a good start. Well I take that back I had two goals; the other take a beer hand up from Crusty He informed me via Twitter this was in play.
Mark Studnicki has a good vid of the start. I managed to slot in about 6 or so which in the "elites" seems to be a better than average start. Got to work on my warm up routine more I guess. The first two laps were pretty much a suck fest till I managed to settle in. I worked into a group with Marshall, Alex Edwards(KCCX), & T-Nuts. Somewhere along the line Adam Mills worked in with us. Marshall was killing it on the bricks pulling for his boys. I just sat in & caught the free ride.
After some crashtasticness the group was whittled down to Bill -where are my KCCX socks?-Marshall, & T-Nuts. I figured I was pretty much screwed. T-Nuts has about 10 million miles in his legs this year & Marshall was slowing up waiting for the crash brothers. I told Bill do what you have to since I didn't have the means to bridge up to Tom Price. I just start riding tempo & biding my time for the inevitable.
The crash brothers caught back on & waited about a half lap before the volleys started. Mills punched, I bridged up, he punched it, I bridged up, he punched, I was done! Edwards rode across to him. Then Marshall bridged up leaving me to pass the time with Troy. I guess Marshall felt guilty or spent & came back to us. Bill is a class act racer so I knew I'd get no help from him chasing his teammates. I put my head down & pulled for a couple of laps till the finish.
I'll tell on myself here but hopefully I won't get relegated like my teammate did in the 3's race for a beer hand up. I took one with two to go. A FULL PBR. Next time dump some out Crusty. I was going at least 15(UHHHMM kph) up that hill. Perfect handup though. Beer flying everywhere. I took a big swig & hucked it since there was still racing to be had. Turns out KfC took a beer hand up in Cinci after giving a CX clinic in the UCI3. All the cool kids are doing it. Anyway turns out I gave Bill a pretty good shower which explains his comment about the hand up being AWESOME.
We hit the last section before the cobbles & Mills started yelling something. Turns out he was tell Bill he was going to wait for him. Those guys SUCK!(sarcasm before anyone gets panties in a twist) I had nothing left anyway & was lucky to hold off Troy. I'll take 12th since 10th was insight. I'll get my top 10 in "elites" before long.
Jeff Yielding made the trip over. After the race we were chatting & he mentioned how much faster KC CX racing was than the Lou. I've been saying this for awhile now. If you want to go fast come to KC. Right now there are some fast dudes riding the piss out of CX bikes. "elites" this year is a whole new ball game.

No More Sand Pits in CX??

As much as I hate sand it seems preety stupid to me.

Chris Cross Race Report

Its coming I promise.........keep checking back, I'm troalling for pics right now. Some info on Twitter.

For now link to these reports:
East Side come West

Check out start vids.

Race report from the front(definetly not mine). Ego Building

SuperFan had the sniffles.

360 Fast

I rode my bike 300 miles to race. Cars suck.

Call up enforcement. Its how I got such a good start.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dirt Roads CX style

John Jones has been on me forever about coming to the Backroads of Polk County for some dirt roading. I normally don't drive to ride but I figured it would be a good start to the day. I wanted to ride the Excalibur but the damn thing doesn't have clearance for 32's. I put some Kenda Quiks on my PT & loaded up the CX bike. 3 hours & 47ish miles later we had managed to ride all over no where but only traveled on 3-4 miles of pavement. Not shabby at all. We even went over the above abandoned bridge. Wood planks with holes that are the exact size and shape of a guy falling through said wood planks. That was followed up a gulley I probably wouldn't have tried to ride my mtb up. But I cleaned it on my cx machine! Skills.

Fashion is everything. I looked crazy PRO rolling around in my full SKC Flames Kit. John sported a gay 80's fluorescent chartreuse vest & My Wife Inc kit.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

USGPS Day1 Vidyah

CX Power File for wattage geeks

I found this on Myerson's blog. Its his wattage file from Cross Vegas. You'll need training peaks to view it. Download Trial here. Pretty cool. Wish more PRO's would upload Power Files. ANyway true CXDork geekdome for wattage geeks.