Sunday, November 29, 2009

Forrest Gump I'm not

Every Thanksgiving Day for the last 8 years I've had a little tradition, run the Turkey Trot 5k. Over time Amber joined me. Then my mom, dad, sister & her family have joined us. The last couple of years Ambers sister has joined us for a little stroll. I started out the tradition running for time. The year Amber was prego I walked with her. Because of cx the last few years I've been running with Amber.

This year my cx season wrapped up early so I figured I'd run for time again. Only 1 little problem with that plan. I've ran maybe twice in the last 9 months. Oh well I've always said I can break 20 min at will in a 5k. Time to walk the talk.

Turkey Trot am I laced up my racing flats(I was serious about going fast) loaded up the family and we were off to the races. I got my warm up in by running to the start about a half mile. This was a mistake. It made me peak to soon & cost me at least 15 seconds.

Any way long story short. Guns goes off. I take off settle in with some high schoolers wearing state cx tshirts. I figure if they made it to state they can break 20. First mile goes by in 5:56. Heart rate is up but not maxed. Second mile goes by in 6:22(still below the 6:25 I need to average to go under 20). Heart rate is creeping up to threshold. The third mile is slightly uphill into the wind. Being a cagey old bastard I tucked in to get a little draft saving just enough foe the finish. Mile 3 in 6:22. Sweet. Legs still have a little & the finish is downhill. I cross the line in 19:13. Damn warm up cost me a sub 19.

There you have it sub 20 at will. Though it cost me. I've hobbled around for the last 3 days with legs that feel like I got worked over by a mob hit man with a baseball bat. That which doesn't kill you I guess. Now I have a new mark to shoot for.
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