Thursday, March 4, 2010


I've said it before & ill say it again; since I've got on Twitter don't really have much use for the my old blogs outside of race updates. With no racing for me right now(or boating either) don't see much need to update. Though sometimes I have more going on than 140 characters can communicate.

First poor kid has pneumonia. She's hacking away like mad. What's bad is I'm on shift so Amber is doing the brunt(read all) the nursing/mommying. I have to give it to her she is weathering the storm well. I helped out by picking up coloring books & a dry erase board that has outlines of the alphabet & numbers so she can work on her writing skills. She cam count pretty well & say her alphabet & is wanting to start writing. Anyway she liked it a lot. So hopefully it took her mind off being sick for awhile.

I just hope for Ambers sake she doesn't get sick. I got up & around tonight so Amber could go for a run. Her asthma can't handle cold weather so this is her first run in a few weeks. She took dog #1 with her, which was good for him. Not so good for dog#2, who has codependancy issues & freaked out the whole time he was gone.

Took today off since I slept like crap due to barking dogs & just being overly tired. That ended a pretty good 10 days of training. With descent temps in the forecast I should be able to get some good training in. Especially with a TT day scheduled for Sunday. More training with the Espenkotter & his damn P4 on the Highroad. Going to do some comparisons of road bike to TT bike on the course. Plus fool my legs into some hard efforts. There is even been dome text messaging about a 100% effort to see how bad I can break his legs. Though not sure I have a 100% effort in my legs just yet. Probably should try since I might not race before Hermann.

During the last 10 day block I put up she really good 5min #'s in an 8x5min interval session outside. Seems weird doing intervals outside now that I have become used to doing them on the trainer. But as everyone says you can put bigger #'s up outside.

Let's see what else? Amber & I talked about an East coast VERGE trip in Nov. Looking at two wknds/4 master's races. Spending the week between with some tourist type stuff. She's onboard so need to figure out the dates. I'll get my ass handed to me since I'm sure ill have to back row start but it will be fun to actually race those I follow on TWITTER.

If I had my crap together I could have rode my commuter to work tonight & tomorrow night but alas I don't. Going to have to get it ready since it looks like Spring is almost here. Work is a whopping 7miles from the house so I have no excuse not to ride to work now its warming up. I'm just not hard core enough to do it all winter. Been there done that, it sucks, don't want to do it anymore.

Finally set up Google reader on my Blackberry. All it took was me switching from the native BB browser to Opera Mini 5 beta 2. Let me tell you if your not using Opera your an idiot. It freaking rocks. Now I have more frequent access to Reader I can actually keep up with blogs now. Especially since some of you refuse to use TWITTER & Facebook just pisses me off most of the time.

Which reminds me went to the Dr. The other day. Turns out low tolerance for crap isn't a medical condition. I do think the Dr. was willing to write me a note saying I should work days...that is if I was willing to work days. He also said I shouldn't switch my sleep schedule on my 4 days off. Told him that wasn't going to work for me.

So for now I have made some changes to my routine & have gotten my on shift sleep during the day up to 7hrs from the 5 I was getting. Already made a big difference. I think the extra sleep & my continued focus on my diet will pay off in spades come cx season. 4 days off at a time doesn't hurt either.

Ok I've binged & purged time to let this update go. This update done from my phone so typos & spelling where thrown out the window.

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