Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let the bike commuting begin

The weather is good enough. Just light enough still before 7pm for me to ride in without my lights. Plus this wknd daylight saving time starts so it will be light enough in the am ride home to go without lights. With the new job its only 14 miles round trip. Unlike the 52 round trip I was riding to work 2 years ago. Last year I slacked & didn't commute once. This year hopefully I can ride in on my 4 days on till oct. That should save me some gas money. Especially since I read in the paper today gas is supposed to go over $3/gal again.

Ended up blowing off training today. Got a massage & just didn't feel like fighting the wind. Plus I got called into work so had to fit in a nap with getting a bike ready to commute on & dog proofing the fence to keep the neighbors dogs out of my yard. I cheated on the bike & threw a set of road tires on my cx bike till I can build up a full fledged commuter out of my sscx bike.

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