Saturday, January 30, 2010

2KX FTP #1

Switched my FTP testing method for 2KX. I'm using the method described in the Time Crunched Cyclist By Chris Carmichael. Its a 2x8 min method. Last year I used the Joel Friel Confirmation method.

First go around I wasn't impressed with the 2x8. I thought the recovery period between the two 8 min efforts was too long. I did the Friel method a bunch last year & really liked it. Mostly because I could train hard the next day. I'll see how tonight goes(especially after 24hrs w/out sleep & a night @ work).

As for the test numbers were up slightly. Which I guess is a good thing. Not as high as I would have hoped. But I did take 3 whole weeks off due to sickness in December. We'll see if I can keep moving up. I want to gain another 20 watts before my first "A" race in April. Big goal I know but what are goals for?

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