Monday, January 11, 2010

10 into 10

Not a whole lot going on in 10 so far.

I have managed to ride more consecutive days than all of last year. 10 straight vs 9 for '09.

Those 10 rides break down as 8 trainer rides, 1 on the road, & 1 on the mtb. Not much variety there.

I'm just in prep mode mode right now so no real specific workouts yet just getting some ride time. week end:
1/03 4:07:08 (3 days) TSS 199 KJ 2774
1/10 7:02:16 TSS 376 KJ 5115

So far I've spent 3:20:08 @ 220-240 for 29.8% of my training time. That's The Tempo zone for me. Total Tempo is 39.1%. Total Endurance Zone 39.4%. Base, Base, Base.

Real workouts start in another week or so in by build for #Bandcamp10. 3 Days of Big saddle time.

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