Thursday, December 3, 2009

The transition phase begins

Its started earlier this year than I wanted, but I've got to put beans on the table. Unfortunately its my month for weekends. Oh well ill miss state & I wasn't going to natz anyway.

With a high temp of 34 I figured it was time to dust of the mtb for some transition miles. After 1.5 delay for neglecting my mtb I hit the road @ noon. Yes road. Nutt Sac is an easy 40min ride. That's an extra 1:20 spent not driving to destination biking. Plus if I get bored of loops @ Nutt Sac I'm guaranteed 2+hrs. No brainer.

I ended up with 1:40ish of trail time for a total of 3hrs. Toes stayed warm. Legs felt good. Handling much improved from cx racing. Pandora was anti Beatles(a rant for another time). All I ended up with was a bad case of windburn. Plus I came home to a sweet pair of 2XU compression tights(part of the small things make the difference plan).
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