Sunday, December 20, 2009

Like clockwork

Where have I been lately? Let's see. I had a great block of training going. Lots if zone 3 work. Several 3+ hour rides including two 3+ hour mtb rides. Things were starting to click in prep for Band Camp 10.
Then like clockwork my annual bout of plague hit me. Without fail sometime after the 2nd week of December I get suck every year. I guess its my body sending me a great big F you for all the intervals & hard workouts during cx season. Unfortunately this predictability doesn't bode well for me when natz moves to January. Going to have to figure out how to stay healthy another month I guess. That or seal my kid in a bubble so she can't infect me.

I'm on day 7 & seriously considering antibiotics. That's a big deal for me since I'm allergic to the penicillin family. I try & not take them if I absolutely don't have to. Don't want to make what few I can take not work if I have catch some super virus.

7 days down with a lick of riding is wearing on me since I had to pass up a few really nice weather days. Oh well i`ll probably end up scrubbing racing the Jan cx races now & focus on Band Camp & my summer build up to cx.

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