Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Band Camp I mean Training camp 2010

I've been hinting on Twitter on a possible "training camp" in the early part of 2010 with the primary focus being MTB. Well I've already change the month from January to February. Here are the TENTATIVE Dates 2/19-21 or 2/26-2-28. This depends on me getting a pass from my wife, my work schedule, my motivation, my mtb actually being in a working form, Crusty &/or weather. The basics are riding as much as possible on the Syllamo trails as possible in 3 days. Perhaps some afternoon road rides thrown in for UBER mileage. There will be bike geekdom, FIRE!, snuggling(what happens @ band camp stays @ band camp), trash talking, BEER, more trash talking, BEER, & more FIRE! Here's what get's you an invite. Follow me on Twitter(so you get the details as they unfold). Be willing to put up with my mouth & crusty's mouth( I know this is A LOT!) Show up willing to destroy your legs, your back, & your liver(TRIJONES you get a pass on this). Really that's about it. If you pout up with my 100 tweets a day you more than willing to attempt to ride with me. So stay tuned & get some new mtb tires because we all know how much I love MTB tires.

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