Friday, October 23, 2009

Results Boy talks Upgrading

ResultsBoy talks Upgrading:

Read the link. Very appropriate for whats happening in the Midwest right now. There at least 5 guys in Cat 3's right now in the Destad series that should cat up & race with the rest of us pack fodder in the open race. It just makes for better racing. Who cares if you cat up & are struggling for a top 20. The more people in the race the faster you get & the better the racing action is. No Open race time trial death march waiting to get lapped. Full blown racing for 20th.

Granted you get a pretty big prize for winning the overall in Cat 3's(free entry into all the races the following season) but take my example & move up. I was probably one race away from clinching the overall cat 3 series win two years ago. Guess what I did? I didn't poach me another cat 3 win. I moved up & started taking my lumps. Trust me I've taken a lot of them. I'm happy now to stay on the lead lap. Now I'm working on getting me a top 10(baby steps). I know the likes of Shad, Winkler, Tilford, & even Butthead are going to throttle me but I still toe the line because I love racing CX. I really love going fast in a CX race. Even though I'm mid pack we're still going pretty damn fast. And when you get down to brass tacks that's what its all about having fun. Because CX freaking rocks!

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