Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Do you know how Points are effected by doubling up? Or even if a Masters races only Masters then jumps in an open race @ the end of the year? I was thinking about htis last night.

The simplest method seems to be like VERGE points(Though I really like The first race is by registration or last years overall. 2nd race on by points total. Give everyone who finishes in the top 20 points. That's your call up. To me the simpler it is the more likely the promoter is going to do it.

The caveat to this would be the multiple series' in KC. Thus back to cross Then mid season upgrades as well. This seems like a topic for post race beers. TO be hashed out in a round table/cage match free for all. But I'm glad someone is addressing the issuing since as the fields grow some means of orderly call ups will have to be implemented.


  1. it seems simple to guys like u and is a great idea......but....the USA officials will, i am sure, take issue with it. for wahtever reason....and i am sure a couple of promoters will bitch about it as well. but again, i think it makes perfect sense. but hell...people think i am an asshole, so what do i know?

    j taylor

  2. You can use the "calculate a series" function on to do this across series. Not quite as automated, as you have to pick the races and define to points. (ex:

    I suppose an easier way would be a master spreadsheet with each race in its own tab, then a summary page that tabulates the results and assigns points using a vlookup or similar funtion.

    For those who upgrade, perhaps they can carry a % of their old catagory points, or just assign fewer points to the lower catagories and let them keep all points?

  3. Re: using series points

    This would be fine too. This is just an alternate method for coming up with the "list" to hand to the promoters/officials. I don't think this is any easier from the promoter/offical standpoint.

    Anyway, I've just about got this done, at least as far as I can take it without a few fixes from the folks.

  4. Re: doubling up

    You are "probably" penalized. I say probably because it depends on the quality and depth of the field and your points.

    Example: the points you earn for 1st place in any race is .8 * the average carried points for the first 5 riders, high and low removed (QUALITY). So your points can actually go up (get worse), even if you win, when your Carried Points is less than the QUALITY score. Look at my points in the masters races, even though I was winning I was scoring about 20-30 points higher in the masters races.

    The DEPTH of the field is the average Carried Points of the middle 5 racers, high and low removed. Basically, the DEPTH controls how big the steps are (in points earned) between places. So, with sufficiently low QUALITY and DEPTH scores, you can earn lower (better) points in the Open category even if you aren't placing high up in the standings.