Friday, October 2, 2009

Dirt Roads CX style

John Jones has been on me forever about coming to the Backroads of Polk County for some dirt roading. I normally don't drive to ride but I figured it would be a good start to the day. I wanted to ride the Excalibur but the damn thing doesn't have clearance for 32's. I put some Kenda Quiks on my PT & loaded up the CX bike. 3 hours & 47ish miles later we had managed to ride all over no where but only traveled on 3-4 miles of pavement. Not shabby at all. We even went over the above abandoned bridge. Wood planks with holes that are the exact size and shape of a guy falling through said wood planks. That was followed up a gulley I probably wouldn't have tried to ride my mtb up. But I cleaned it on my cx machine! Skills.

Fashion is everything. I looked crazy PRO rolling around in my full SKC Flames Kit. John sported a gay 80's fluorescent chartreuse vest & My Wife Inc kit.

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