Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Universal Sports covering Cyclocross Worlds!!

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26, 2010

Universal Sports covering Cyclocross Worlds!!

This just in to my inbox from my friends at Universal Sports!
Hi Greg!
I wanted to let you know we will be broadcasting the Cyclo-Cross World Championships from Tabor, Czech Republic on-line January 31. The broadcast will be showing the elite men’s and women’s races at 12 noon (ET), while the rest of the races will be offered on demand. We are excited to offer the broadcast for this event again and hopefully highlight more Cyclo-Cross through the World Cup season. Please help in any way you can to spread the word about the broadcast.
The link to the event is this one:

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  1. yeah but it won't be live - f that, i'll watch BLV-5 first and then maybe again the U Sports coverage if it is worth watching again...