Monday, January 18, 2010

Random Update

I've been blogging less & less due to lack of interest & time. Thinking of switching to Tumbler or Posterous. They are more Twitter like & fit my randomness better than actually sitting down & blogging. Anyway I was sitting here catching up on 2 weeks of blogs & felt like I was neglecting mine.

Not much to say really. Lots of indoor riding. Lots of work. A few random health issues.

Ive been able to switch up my sleep from nights to days pretty good & have actually been getting in some good sleep in 2010. Yesterday was a screw up on my part. Slept too much after my final night then couldn't get to sleep last night. Slept in today till 10 so hopefully I can get to bed at a descent hour tonight.

I've been conducting a little experiment during my 4 on work days. One day I'll sleep in my compression tights, the next in my compression socks. Initial data (wattage #'s) is there might be something too this compression thing.

Last Thursday I woke up with a killer toothache. Earliest I could get to the dentist is Tuesday. That makes 6 days of orajel & pain killers. Not much sleep( two days with sporadic totals of 3 hrs) & a lot of grumpiness. I'm ready to have all my teeth yanked out at this point! not really but tooth pain has to rank up there as some of the worse.

I've also developed a random cough. Nothing bad but annoying. I've been reading some studies about health issues night shift workers have. I'm lucky I'm as healthy as I am. Night shift jacks you up physically.

I've been trying to take better care of myself by eating better as well. Amber floated the idea of going vegetarian in 10. I jumped on board to support her(she has had one miss step with a chicken breast). Its no big deal for me since I was a vegetarian for almost 3 years in college. That is till the running miles broke me down. We'll see how long this little experiment lasts. My diet was shit so it can only help with putting another brick in the wall that is all the little things.

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