Thursday, November 12, 2009

The seasons over before it really gets going

This CX season has been one of transition/turmoil for me for sure. Thanks to my job status; first worries about not having one & money that goes with a job. To now working a weird 4on 4off night shift, CX has been pretty much on the back burner. Thanks to winning the DeStad Series last year I got to at least race the DeStad series for free this season. Add in the generosity of my main nemesis Jeff Yielding I got to let Butthead spank me again @ Hermann Cross.

Needless to say this season has had its ups & downs. With my bonehead decision to quit beating up on the geriatric crowd & race Open I've been taking my lumps. My main goal of the year had been to reclaim my Masters jersey from Jeff. Well I emailed Jeff last night to let him know it was his for the taking again since I can't get out of work. More incentive for me to race my ass off Sunday & bring the heat to Jeff's return to Kansas. That now leads me to my more immediate goal of finishing in the top 10 in a race this season. Especially since this is looking like it could be my last race of the season, since I have to work weekends from here on out thanks to how I cycle out on 4&4.

I say oh well. This season has made the fire burn for next season. I've always said a good CX course for me is one that exposes my weaknesses. Last year it was making the hour. I worked hard on that & I'm now on the lead lap. This year its the lack of top end speed. That's one of the MANY things I'm going to work on for next year. Expect a blog update on my goal setting for next season.

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